Save YOUr Life…

YOU come to a point in your life where you know you have to do something. Take action, or suffer the consequences. Stop making excuses…stop putting off the inevitable. In my case this involved my health. I was facing an uphill battle…obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, low self-esteem…and the list goes on. I can’t say that there was some big aha moment or tragedy that sparked me into action. In all honesty, I knew that my very survival depended on some BIG changes. That still wasn’t enough. The only motivations I truly know played a role were 1) my two year-old  grandson, and 2) being in my best friend’s wedding. The wedding was a motivator in that I did NOT want to walk down the aisle looking like a whale. Also, I wanted to enjoy my beautiful friend’s special day without feeling self-conscious in front of everyone and during pictures! A HUGE motivator was the thought of not being able to play with my grandson…or not being here at all to watch him grow up. That reality was very sobering…

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So…I took action. Baby steps, as I’ve said before. I started with calorie tracking and decreasing my portion sizes. I gradually started to incorporate more veggies into my diet, decrease my carbs, and eat a more well-balanced diet overall. At that point I wasn’t even exercising yet, because I had so many medical issues and felt so bad physically and mentally. The weight began to come off. The wedding came…and by that time I had already lost about 35 pounds! I was feeling so much better. For the first time in a very long time I was not afraid to be seen…have pictures taken…and enjoy my friend’s wedding without any thoughts of how bad I might look. I knew I had a long way to go, but I was finally on my way!

Me & my sweet hubby at the wedding!

At some point a lot of my cravings began to dwindle. This especially took hold once I started to eat clean about 80% of the time. However, I knew that no matter how healthy I ate, there would still be nutritional gaps. I still lacked the energy I wanted. Sure, my energy had definitely increased, but it wasn’t enough. Despite my increase in dietary fiber I still wasn’t happy with my gut health. This has a VERY BIG effect on weight loss and overall wellness. Things were drastically better, but I wasn’t where I needed to be yet. That’s when AdvoCare walked through my door and literally saved my life…

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I’ve been asked to explain what AdvoCare has done to help me…and I love to please my readers (YOU)! Sooooo…here it goes! It started with Spark (a little stick-pack of powder that comes in many yummy flavors – add it to water – contains over 20 vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and a little caffeine). Spark helps to give you a little boost of energy without the crash commonly found with other energy drinks. It also gives you increased focus, mental clarity, and just makes you feel GOOD! I didn’t feel jittery or weird, which is surprising for me, because I’m very sensitive to that kind of thing typically. I decided to do some research into the company and their products. As a nurse and fraud investigator, I naturally dug for any dirt I could find. Bwahahahaha! I tried to find something wrong, but I was very surprised at what I found (or rather, didn’t find). Advocare has been around for a long time (founded in 1993) and has a very solid reputation. The products actually work (very well I might add), and they’re safe! They have a Scientific & Medical Advisory board packed with well-respected experts, one of which is none other than Dr. Stanley Dudrick! If you’re not familiar with Dr. Dudrick, he is the physician who created Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) back in the 70’s! TPN is still widely used today to keep people alive, who cannot intake nutrition orally or via the intestinal tract, and is delivered intravenously (through the veins). Clearly Dr. Dudrick knows nutrition!

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After doing extensive research and meeting a lot of the people involved in Advocare, my husband and I decided to try the products by doing a 24 Day Challenge. The challenge was a great way to use a variety of different products and test their efficacy. It didn’t take long to really feel the amazing effects and see the beneficial results. We both felt (and looked) ten times better and people were already asking us what we were doing. We became very passionate about the company and products and couldn’t wait to share it with everyone! We made the decision to go all in and become distributors…and we have never looked back! We are currently on our second 24 Day Challenge, and not only have we continued to experience personal success, but we have witnessed others’ succeed as well. What an incredible blessing and journey this has been so far…and so many exciting adventures yet to come!

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I only have one day left of the challenge, but I will continue to use the products for further safe and healthy weight loss. It’s very fulfilling and rewarding to take charge of your health. Make the decision to take charge of yours…you won’t be sorry. Whatever route you choose, please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or need some advice. I would love to help!! My blood sugars and blood pressure are now normal. I have tons of energy and motivation, which I haven’t had in years! My depression and anxiety are under control, and I’ve honestly never been happier. My gut health is phenomenal (I cannot express the importance of probiotics enough)! My weight loss is steady and consistent…just the way it should be. You too can experience holistic happiness (body, mind, and soul)…and even some financial freedom if you choose it. AdvoCare truly has been a life saving tool, and we have no plans to slow down!

Feeling so good I even like to take pics and be silly!


Hugs & Love,

Tanya ❤


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