My Silver Lining is Platinum…

When life deals you fits…throws itself on the floor and threatens to riot…what happens to you? Do you bend, break, or flat out SNAP? Do you cry out to God and blame Him for everything that has gone wrong, or do you praise Him for carrying you through it? Perhaps God isn’t a part of your life at all…and maybe, just maybe…you are searching for something. There are those who panic and those who dig deep. Still others who quite simply, freeze. Whatever your situation…YOU are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. Taking things one step at a time and focusing on the positive…the proverbial “silver lining”…certainly does go a long way. Don’t focus on what is wrong, but rather all that is right. If you are blessed to see a silver lining, name it a platinum lining…it’s all in the attitude. For realsies…

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Today marks a THIRD surgery in our household. THIRD. THREE separate people. Can you say stress? Medical bills? Time off from work you don’t necessarily have to spare? The list goes on…but you know what? I choose to focus on the silver lining…no, the PLATINUM lining that life has dealt me today. TODAY alone!!!

1 – My hubby always thinking of me and taking care of me…even before his surgery!

2 – Both boys on crutches and watching the younger one, who had surgery first and is farther along in recovery, help his brother with his crutches in and out of the car.

3 – The sun shining warmly on my face as I was pumping gas.

Image result for sun shining on my face

4 – Friends checking in on me and praying for me and my family.

5 – Opening a box of Advocare products that was just delivered – always like Christmas!

6 – Ordering my limited edition Advocare pumpkin spice shakes and gingerbread bars!

Meal Replacement Shake, Pumpkin SpiceAdvoBar® Holiday

7 – Successful back surgery for my hubby – all went smoothly and as we had hoped.

8 – A nice visit with my in-laws after they brought my son lunch (he was still home post-surgery, and hubby and I were at the hospital).

9 – Reading some really positive and amazing blogs from some incredibly talented people on!

10 – Time for myself to sit and blog, enjoying a cool breeze, while waiting for the boys to get done at PT.

11 – A nice cold diet coke from the fountain in a Styrofoam cup, with crushed ice 😉

12 – An awesome (and easy) dinner of crockpot “crack” chicken with quinoa/rice and veggies.

20160929_000029758_ios13 – Advocare Oasis – which is amazing for stress relief! What a treat in the evening!

Image result for advocare oasis

14 – A clean kitchen before going to bed.

15 – A good night of sleep after a little pre-bed catnap on the couch LOL.

16 – Getting caught up on some much needed laundry being done.

17 – Friends with a wicked awesome sense of humor – the ones who make your belly hurt from laughter!

Image result for laughing with friends cute pics

18 – Little bits of positive news about a friend fighting for his life in the hospital.

19 – Sitting down with my hubby and boys for a quiet evening of R&R (of course ice, meds, bandages, etc. included, lol) and watching TV.

20 – Spark, Spark, and…Spark. I probably couldn’t function through all of this without it!

Image result for advocare spark pics

21 – Finishing a super good book and having another one right there to take its place.

Image result for book let's roll Image result for book if i am missing or dead

22 – Warm, comfy clothes and my favorite blanket.

23 – Feeling passionate about your work and helping others 🙂

Just make it a point to find your platinum lining every day!

Hugs & Love ❤



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