Simply Me…

I’m a God-fearing Christian woman, a wife of 21 years, a mother of 3 beautiful children, the grandmother of the most amazing little boy in the world, a friend, a confidante, a nurse, an artist, an avid reader, and just…me. I’ve seen a lot in my 41 years…some good and some bad. I’ve loved life and hated life. Haven’t we all? But one thing is clear to me at this point in my life…I want to live! I mean REALLY live! I feel better now than I ever have. I’m happy and content. I’m getting healthier and stronger every day. I’m learning every moment…and living IN the moment. I have hope…and I want to share it with everyone. I have a passion to help others find their path…the start of their journey…and the direction they need to go to find joy. Be it weight loss, healthy eating, or just someone to lend an ear…here I am! Simply me 😋

Trying to be serious and model-like…bwahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂