Week #3 – The Push

I can’t believe that I just completed week #3 of working out 5 days a week! This coming Monday is the beginning of week #4…the last week of THIS leg of the journey. I’ve consulted my coach to figure out what to do next…and together we’ve decided that I’m going to do 2 more weeks of the hardest of these workouts I’ve been doing…then move into 21 Day Fix to integrate some weights. I’m STOKED for weights! I absolutely love lifting!

Winning combo for energy and lean muscle building!

But enough about lifting…we’ll be talking about that plenty in the weeks to come. For now, I’m focused on cardio and building healthy muscle with the use of my own body weight. I needed to gain some muscle and endurance before embarking on the harder stuff. I tend to overdo it; start out too difficult and hurt myself!

The pain face!! Darn those squats, lunges, and planks!

Let me tell you about how I’m feeling now…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m a little sore…in all the right places…but it’s a GOOD sore! I have so much energy, my mood has improved, I’m sleeping really well, and I’m able to handle stress better. I also feel more in tune with my body; trying to listen to what it wants and needs. 

It’s all about the burn and the GAINS!!

The bad? Well, aside from sore muscles, I’m going to have to get my nails done more frequently because they’re growing like crazy!! Same with my hair, lol. Darn those high-quality, healthy supplements!

Look at that growth from the milky, shiny shellac to the cuticle, LOL

Ugly? Probably me when I have sweat pouring down my face, and I throw myself on the floor in a quivering pile of lifeless mush. Ha!! I would say getting up early in the morning, but I’m getting used to it. Some days I’m not feeling it, and so I do my work out after work to ensure I’m able to put in 110%.

Me sitting on the floor in all of my sweaty glory, because my legs were a flaming pile of jello!

My posture is better, because my core is stronger. I can feel how much stronger I am, and I LOVE it!! I was having a HUGE problem with my knees and hip bothering me, but since I started the AdvoCare CORE supplements and exercise my hip is 100% better, and my knees are up to about 65% better so far. I’ve only been taking the CORE supplements for 9 days! Speaking of supplements…I’ve had quite a few people ask me what I drink during my workouts. I always do BioCharge and often times I mix it with Rehydrate and/or Spark. KILLER workout and serious lean muscle building!! That’s what BioCharge does…it promotes the building of lean muscle while you work out and helps accelerate recovery time. Rehydrate is an electrolyte replacement…the official drink of choice for Major League Soccer!! Guess what…it HYDRATES you without putting a bunch of sugar in your body, has a perfect 1:1 ration of potassium and sodium (the two electrolytes we deplete the most when we sweat), and it tastes AMAZING!!! Spark wakes me up (I’m NOT a morning person) and helps me get my workout done. It also provides the mental focus I need to work throughout the day!!

My current necessities for a killer work out and healthy joints!

At the end of next week, after my 5th workout is complete, I’ll be doing pictures and measurements for my 4 week results. Can’t wait to share the loss of inches. I know I’ve lost some, because my clothes are loose and I can see and feel it. What a great feeling!! I could care less about what the scale says, because I’ve gained so much muscle it might not be impressive. At the end of the 10-day cleanse portion I will tell you I was down 5 lbs. Inches, clothing sizes, and the way I feel…and my health of course…those are the things that REALLY matter!!

Does anyone have any questions or things they’re curious about so far? Message me!!

Love and hugs ❤




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