Sore Muscles & Such…

Today is the beginning of week #2 – Journey #2, and I feel amazing! I’m so glad that I started my journey off with an AdvoCare cleanse, because my cravings are already gone, and I feel so clear-headed, strong, and ready to take on these giant goals I’ve set for myself! I’m on day 7 of 10…so only 3 more days to reset my body and prepare for the incredible nutrition and supplementation that’s in store!

I have a lot of people ask me what’s involved in a cleanse. Often people fear that word, “CLEANSE”. A cleanse is usually seen as one of “those things” where you either eat a bizarre combination of foods, restrict yourself from certain foods, or eat nothing at all. NOT THIS GIRL!! This is my 5th cleanse since I started using AdvoCare products a year ago, and every time I have been very pleased with my results. I’ve always lost pounds and inches, but even better I feel like a new person. My gut health is better, bloat melts away, mental fog dissipates, and I feel NEW! It’s only 10 days. TEN! That’s a piece of cake (um, bad choice of words there). Cake is not a good choice. You do eat plenty of great food though! It’s as simple as probiotics in the morning when you wake up, fiber packet with breakfast, OmegaPlex (Omega 3 Fish Oil) with lunch and/or dinner, and herbal cleanse tablets at bedtime. Easy Peasy!


As I told you before, this time I’m adding work outs to my regimen. I’ve lost so much weight, and I feel so good, that it’s finally time. Week #1 was fun, but I was sore the first 2-3 days. Day 3 was much better, and by day 4 I was fine. Today was my first new workout for the week (each week starts with a new workout), and I was able to kick butt (literally…it’s one of the moves to kick your own butt, HA!). I know that I recovered so fast due to the supplements (particularly the new addition to my regimen, BioCharge). I can tell a huge difference when I take the supplements and when I don’t. I’ll stick WITH them!!

I cannot wait until the end of this 4 week challenge…to see the progress and share it with all of you! That definitely won’t be the end…another challenge will be just around the corner. I plan to work hard, change things up, and continue to grow. It’s easy to stick with it when you have something (or someone) to get healthy for…a purpose. Anything that drives you!


I’m taking all of you on this journey with me!!

Wish me luck!!

Hugs & Love,




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