BUMPS in YOUr Road…

Curveballs, set-backs…whatever you want to call them…we ALL experience some bumps in the road, and they all SUCK. You’re rolling right along, smiling and waving, enjoying life…when out of the blue…WHAM! Something hits you and knocks you into last week. Not next week…that would be progress…or forward momentum at least…but LAST WEEK.


It’s been several days since I last blogged, and that is only one of the many things that got lost in the shuffle of my blast to the past. I haven’t been exercising, and I have been very lazy about my food. I haven’t been eating unhealthy…just lazy. Eating the same, easy blah stuff. I’ve also had a few Eat Fit Go meals…because, lazy. The important thing though, besides finding out what is going on with my body, is that I didn’t just roll over and quit (even though it would have been easier).


I knew it wasn’t just my usual seasonal depression. My motivation didn’t just leave and go “south for the winter” without a forwarding address. This felt annoyingly familiar. Stupid thyroid. Yep. My thyroid level is completely jacked up again. So, if any of you have ever experienced hypothyroid symptoms you know what I’m talking about and how it feels. Complete misery, utter exhaustion, muscle weakness, major joint pain, sluggish everything, and the list goes on…


But…meds have been increased and hopefully all will go back to normal soon. Boy do I want to go back to my new, full of energy, feeling great normal!! Now that we got all of that junk out of the way…let’s talk food.


Food glorious food right?!!! This was one heck of a delicious lunch right here…


Grilled Salmon atop Avocado Toast w/ a side salad


Leftover food can easily become magic on a plate!!


Leftover Shredded Pork Salad


Feeling lazy? Still want to eat healthy and know exactly what you’re eating? Give Eat Fit Go a try! www.eatfitgo.com


Angry Bird Snack Tacos are a perfect meal for me!



Breakfast Tacos (small comes with two tacos, and they’re dee-lish!!)


I did find time to taste test and review a product though . My wonderful hubby cooked everything…cuz he’s the BOMB ❤ His turkey meatloaf is like a food group. There is no recipe…he just adds all kinds of flavor-goodness into it and VOILA!! The product I tested was Idahoan Signature Russets mashed potatoes. They were really good! Great flavor and texture…and super easy to make. Everyone enjoyed them!

If interested in more info about the taters: http://idahoan.com/procategory/Idahoan-signature-russets/

If interested in learning more about testing products (not just food…beauty products, skin care, hair care, and more!) through Influenster: www.influenster.com/r/1771282

I almost didn’t share this next meal, because…it looks gross. BUT, I promise it was FAR from gross LOL. It’s a blueberry protein mug muffin made with a vanilla AdvoCare shake, fresh blueberries, an egg (for even more protein), chia seeds, and a smattering of organic coconut because I like it…


This yumma-licious salad is because my hubby loves me ❤


Feta’s Greek Chicken Salad

Leftover dressing and feta cheese from the Feta’s salad (above) inspired this next salad…

Green with Envy Salad


Ok, that’s enough food for one blog. It basically all comes down to this…


The only thing stopping you is YOU. Despite bumps in the road, YOU decide whether to quit or charge on. It’s not easy, and sometimes it’s downright painful…but the choice is ultimately YOUrs. Your progress might slow down…it might even come to a halt, but if you can at least stand your ground and not backtrack, that’s something!! You will get back on track and start moving forward again…probably with even more energy, determination, and appreciation than before!


Hugs & Love,

Tanya ❤


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