BLOW OUT the candles!

There were three frogs sitting on a log…one of them decided to jump off…how many frogs are still sitting on the log?


The answer is three…because although one decided to jump, it doesn’t say that he actually jumped. A decision made does not an action make. Or something like that. Maybe you have heard that parable before…maybe not. I just heard it yesterday, and it really spoke to me. It reminded me of the frog I once was…and the frog I am now. No, not green…not any more. No longer green with envy. No longer green with naivety. Just a seasoned frog who finally had her fill of thinking about jumping off of her log, deciding to jump off of her log, and FINALLY actually jumping off of her log! Here I sit, on a big fat comfy lily pad wondering what on God’s GREEN (lol) earth I was thinking, waiting so long to jump!! We do that though don’t we?! As a species we have a tendency to procrastinate, freeze with fear, weigh our decisions heavily, SIT rather than JUMP.

My new-found advice to you? JUMP!!!


I’m not suggesting that you throw all caution and any sense of right, wrong, and this-is-stupid out the window…just LIVE! Throw your hands up in the air (do it…it will feel good)…take a deep breath…and let go! Whatever IT is that you have been harboring, holding back on, just take a leap of faith, and DO IT!!


Have you ever seen the movie City of Angels with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan? Absolutely one of my favorite movies of all time! The part where Seth (Cage) takes the fall…gives up being an angel so he can be human…so that he can be with Maggie (Ryan). Breathtaking. Literally gives me goosebumps and makes me cry every time. Why? It’s a mix of emotions really…but the one I’m talking about for the purposes of this blog is FAITH, blind faith. Seth had no idea what it was going to be like or what was going to happen to him. He couldn’t be sure that jumping off of a building was going to result in “happily ever after” with Maggie. So why did he do it?

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Yes, I think it was love and passion; however, it had to have been more than that. He was an angel, who had no experience or first-hand knowledge of what love (or passion) felt and looked like. I LOVED the idea of being thin and healthy. I was passionate about wanting to be fit and fabulous. BUT…there was one thing I lacked…one thing that kept me from getting from fat to fit. FAITH. Unlike Seth, I mean…he was an angel after all…I did not have faith in myself. I did not believe I could do it. What’s worse, I clearly didn’t believe or have faith in God. God can perform miracles…turn water into wine…walk on water…come back from the dead…but he couldn’t help me lose weight? Seems very foolish and petty now.


Yeah…well…what should have been an AHA MOMENT was kind of more like me apologizing to God. Gee God, I’m sorry I doubted you. I mean, all this time I thought that I was wiser and more powerful than the Master of the Universe. I figured that I was more qualified and capable at deciding what I could and could not do than oh, let’s just say, GOD Himself…you know, The Great I Am?!!


Anyway…enough about my narcissistic short-comings…you get the picture. I grew a brain and got out of my own way, and I started by praying differently. After begging God for forgiveness (no, I’m not being sarcastic), I asked God for His help. I also made a statement. “God, I am ready and willing to do Your work. I want to do the things that make You happy. I would love nothing more than for You to do Your good works through me. But Lord, could You please help me? Help me to become more like You. Help me to have faith even when I cannot see. Help me to become less, and You to become more. Breath Your holy spirit into me so that I may live my life the way You intended me to”. I began to feel lighter and more filled with joy. For the first time…ever…I began to care about myself…as a child of God. I began to appreciate the way that God made me…faults and all. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. God does NOT make mistakes.


God transformed me…into a happier and healthier version. He took away my fears and doubts, and He helped me to see my worth. This opened up so many amazing doors for me. I’m living proof that YOU can choose to jump…and actually do it too!! Stop making wishes and just blow out the candles already!


Happy Birthday to YOU…go forth and LIVE! ❤

Hugs & Love,





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