Supplementary My Dear Watson…

I don’t want what I do every day to be a mystery to anyone (I mean, as far as my supplements and nutrition go, LOL), so here it goes!!

When I wake up in the morning – and at least 30 min before breakfast – I swallow all of these bad boys with a big ol’ glass of water…it’s seriously not that bad. You get used to it. Tip your head foreword to swallow capsules and backward for the others…just sayin’


Breakfast is always full of choices! Sometimes I eat regular food…other times I choose to eat a meal replacement. There are plenty of good options in my cabinet (Berry shakes are hiding)! I also do my morning Spark if I’m not feeling particularly spry.


30 min before lunch I have a few supplements to take on an empty stomach…


Lunch time is always yummy! Here is an example of one such lunch I love to frequent…accompanied by my little pack of supplements. LOVE how the MNS system labels all of the packets so it’s easy to know what you’re doing. I’m too busy to have to figure that kind of stuff out!! LOL


Afternoon around 2-3 pm…this is when most of us start to get the end of the day drag. Spark completely obliterates that for me! After drinking one, I’m able to continue working and then get all of the things done I need to do after work. Catalyst is one of my absolute favorite products! It was originally created for the Olympic wrestlers to help prevent muscle loss during times of calorie restriction and weight loss. It contains branched-chain amino acids, which your body needs to fuel your body and aid in muscle-building.


At least 30 min later, and before a workout, I frequent this combination below. Rehydrate is absolutely amazing before, during, and after working out. It keeps you nice and hydrated, while also balancing electrolytes. The VO2 Prime bar gives you more stamina by increasing oxygen delivery to your muscles. Both of these taste absolutely DELISH!


Sometimes I do change up my afternoon snack/pre-workout regimen. The Advogreens chocolate snack shake is to die for! The slam is a good alternative to the Spark if you need faster absorption and/or don’t want to drink so much fluid. The O2 gold is a lifesaver when it comes to taking your workout to another level. It makes you feel as though you have been given an extra lung. You can breathe better and your stamina is increased. It makes me a she-beast on the treadmill…crank that puppy up!!!


Dinner and a movie…bwahahahaha…I mean, OmegaPlex! Omega-3…fish oil…excellent for the entire body, including cardiovascular, skin, hair, nails, etc. SEE…even Dr. Oz gets it!!!


Pre-bedtime wind down…especially after a rough day! LOVE my Oasis!! This is my perfect replacement for a glass of red wine in the evening. Sorry wine fans! It just makes me feel calm and chill…relaxes my whole body. It contains super fruits and B vitamins energy and immune support…and it’s a yummy blueberry-ish flavor!

Bedtime! My trusty Catalyst again…building and repairing those hard-worked muscles throughout the night. Probiotics are a MUST for good gut health! I can’t say enough about them…you will hear me sing their praises over and over again!


Well, that’s all for tonight folks!! Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the products I use. You can also look them up here:

All of the products are accompanied by a complete list of ingredients and quantities. There are no mysteries there either! My apologies to Sherlock and Watson!!!

Hugs & Love ❤




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