Fill those Gaps!

An excellent question was asked that prompted this next blog…”How do you incorporate all of your AdvoCare supplements into your diet? Specifically, what does a day look like for you in terms of clean eating, supplements, meal replacements, etc.?” I love this question! Here are some pics and answers for all who are interested…

This is an example of me packing in a bunch of veggies. This was a lunch, and I forgot to include it in my pic, but I take a little packet of AdvoCare MNS 3 supplements with lunch. A little tip for using less dressing…I measured out one tablespoon of chunky blue cheese, added it too a dressing shaker container with a little water, and shook it up good before drizzling on. This was super good and it was less fat and calories. Still coated the salad just fine.

Veggie Delight!

Below is a breakfast, accompanied by my pack of MNS 3 supplements. Each packet is clearly labeled to let you know when to take it (before which meal, or during which meal). These supplements are designed to fill nutritional gaps (as none of us could ever eat the amount of raw, clean food needed to fulfill 100% of our bodies’ daily requirements), and provide much-needed energy.

Coconut Milk Yogurt Additions + MNS 3 supplements

Another lunch…this time I added a little meat to the dish! Always trying to be a little creative and change things up. Even if it’s just changing the herbs or dressings, etc.

Hickory Tuna on Romaine Boats – drizzled w/ olive oil and red wine vinegar

Spark is a huge part of my life. I’m not even kidding when I say I consume it daily, and it helps me tremendously! I always drink one in the afternoon around 2-3 pm to get me through the rest of my work day and prepare me for more work after work (exercise, dinner, kids, cleaning, etc.). When I don’t drink one I feel it, and it’s not nice!! For the first time I decided to put a spark in a carbonated water for some fizz. The result was a big YUM!! AdvoCare was also thoughtful enough to create a caffeine-free counterpart to Spark called V16, and it actually is orange flavored with effervescence. Super good! NOTE: Spark is like an energy supplement in that is can give you a boost of energy and mental focus. Spark is unlike other energy drinks in that it is good for you, contains only 15 calories, contains 20+ vitamins and minerals, contains amino acids, and contains only the amount of caffeine in a coffee. The ingredients are clearly listed everywhere…there is nothing in it that will harm you…all ingredients your body needs. It comes in many different flavors – tastes amazing!! You can go here to look:

Berry La Croix w/ Mandarin Orange Spark

Below is another example of keeping it clean. Grass-fed beef is not only much healthier, but it’s FAR yummier!! I’m not even kidding. Once you try it all other beef is inferior. This sweet potato was absolutely fabulous!! With dinner I also take OmegaPlex (not pictured), which is AdvoCare’s omega-3 fish oil supplement (fatty acid). So good for your entire body including cardiovascular system, hair, skin, nails, etc.

Grass Fed Beef Burger w/ Asiago and Sweet Potato w/ butter, cinnamon, walnuts, honey, and bananas ❤

Perfect example here of how to incorporate my AdvoCare fiber packet into a meal. It’s good enough to drink mixed in just water…but this was a nice, enjoyable change! I was really pleased with the taste and will definitely do it again.

Overnight Oats w/ peaches & cream fiber, bananas, chia, and cinnamon

AdvoCare meal replacement shakes and bars are absolutely delicious and filling. I love using them when I’m busy…or just when I have a craving for one. It’s so nice how they cater to everyone and anyone’s taste buds…and even treat us to some seasonal specials! The Pumpkin Spice shake is fantastic…but the Gingerbread bars are out of this world. We will be ordering more today, as people apparently stock up about 6 months worth of these and their supply runs out fast!!

Pumpkin Spice Shakes & Gingerbread Bars…OMG!!!A

I am extremely passionate about what AdvoCare has done for me, my family, and my friends. I just can’t say enough about it. A team of our friends and family, including myself and my hubby, just completed a challenge and the results were staggering! One guy lost 19 pounds and 13 inches. A female friend of ours lost 16 pounds and a total of 9 inches in all of the right places. Everyone lost and did very well. In addition, everyone reported the following: increased energy and an overall feeling of wellness, increased muscle and toning (that’s the catalyst – I’ll explain that product next time), improved gut health, increased endurance, decreased cravings, and motivation to continue using products! That’s just a drop in the bucket regarding the positive results and stories!

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about AdvoCare. I will happily give you information on what you need and want, without any pressure to buy, and find what works for you. If you receive the information and decide that it’s not right for you, that’s okay too. I will not pressure you, I promise! You can never go wrong by at least seeking out ways to improve your health.

I will actually try and put together a better laid out “day-in-the-life” full of chronological pics of everything I take and what it does. This at least gives you a small “taste”…LOL

Hugs & Love,

Tanya ❤





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