Sometimes Reality Bites…

Nothing scarier and more humbling than waiting for your child to get out of surgery. All of your other problems suddenly seem so small in that moment. Even a fairly routine surgery plants that pit in your stomach. The thought of that pristine and perfectly made body being cut into…never the same again…all too sobering. He may be a 16 year old, in a 5’10” and 265 lb. body, but all I see is the baby of the family. MY baby.

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Then I’m facing my 17 year old son’s impending surgery…and my husband’s…all in the same month. These things tend to put life into perspective.

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Somehow we manage to push on. We all have different ways of coping…different speeds at which we are able to cope…some don’t cope at all. Our bodies respond differently to stress. Stress can be used to help us succeed…but it can also be front seat in watching us fail. We all walk through this earthly life the same…Birth -> Life -> Death…but the adventures off the beaten path are our own. As you go through trials and struggles, you really find out what you’re made of. Make a decision to be made of the good stuff. Use what you learn to grow. Share your successes and failures with others – let them benefit from your experience. You often grow the most when you’re helping others.

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I tell you all of these things going on in my life, not to ask for sympathy, but to show you that you are never alone in life’s (sometimes constant stream) of crap. You pretty much roll with the punches or let them hit you smack dab in the face. Either way those hits are coming at you. I suggest you duck – just sayin’

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So, what does all of this have to do with healthy eating and lifestyle? Quite simply…everything. If you’re an emotional eater, this would be one of those times where food would become your best friend (comfort food) or your worst enemy (unable to eat due to stress). Or maybe you’re not an emotional eater, but you tend to get so caught up in what’s going on in life that you forget to take care of yourself (survival mode). Regardless of what your situation is, you can either make smart healthy choices and take care of yourself…or not. It’s not the why it’s the how. The why – we respond to stressors and environmental situations because we’re human…period. There’s absolutely nothing wrong or abnormal about that. The how – we react to the stressors…whether that be negative or positive. There are so many factors that play into how a person reacts…a HUGE long list.

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While at the hospital…waiting…my husband and I could have easily pigged out on horrible unhealthy snacks in the cafeteria; however, we didn’t. I had Advocare snack bars and Spark in my purse, so that’s what we had. We also made good healthy choices for lunch in the cafeteria, because we felt empowered with the availability of the other healthy stuff we had on hand. Life is about choices. Don’t let anyone tell you different…including what you tell yourself 😉

And I leave you with…some of what I’ve been noshing on…

Stir-fried protein veggie mix w/ fried egg and side of wheat toast

Meat sauce and shrooms over black bean noodles (topped w/ feta and moz)

Hugs & Love,

Tanya ❤


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