I Refuse to Flinch…

As I sit here on the deck, enjoying the evening crickets’ serenade, I think of all that has gone wrong this past few weeks. Not just small things…big, life-changing things. Things that in the past wouldn’t have just bent me…but buckled me…literally bowled me over. I REFUSE to break…I’m not even going to flinch. Why? Because I don’t have to…

 Despite the bad, and even the ugly, I have a lot to be grateful for. I am truly blessed. I have friends who are battling cancer and other horrible ailments. I have family members who have lost their battles. The world is full of loss, tragedy, and despair…but it’s full of beautiful gifts as well. Sometimes it’s hard to see past the disappointment, heartache, and pain…to notice the bow-topped package waiting for you at the top of a huge flight of stairs. I can choose to use these two legs that God gave me to walk up those stairs and be thankful for my gift…or I can stay at the bottom and feel sorry for myself. What a waste of energy that would be!                                                                                        Through all of the stress at least I have managed to stay on my 24 Day Challenge. I’m still eating healthy and losing weight every day. Feeling stronger and healthier as the days go by. I am filled with a fire and passion to help others feel the same way. These are the things that get me through the bad. All of YOU get me through the ugly. 

So things have been super busy during all of this…of course…and staying on the right track with my eating habits has been more difficult. Simple meals, sticking to the basics, and a few convenience items have kept me going. Got this super yummy salad at Eat Fit Go the other day. YUM!!!

And another one for today…DELICIOUS!!!

I’ve also relied a lot on my Advocare meal and snack replacements, as well as my Catalyst to maintain muscle, and other Advocare supplements to make sure all of my nutritional gaps are filled. I tend to stick with my tried and true favorites that I know are okay, and I already have saved in myfitnesspal tracker. You get better at making due with what you have, relying on your experience, and learning what works (and doesn’t work) as you go. 

Find what works for you. Always reach out for help and support when needed. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself some love when things are tough. I’ve said it before…life is hard!! BUT…as I’ve also said before, it’s also beautiful and very worth it. 😉👍🏻

Hugs & Love,

Tanya ❤️


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