Eating for YOU…

So many people have expressed to me how difficult it is to eat clean…or just healthier in general…when the people around you aren’t interested. This becomes most difficult when the disinterested parties are family and friends. It’s one thing when people are supportive of your choices, and they don’t mind that you’re doing something different from them, but when you encounter the negativity…that’s when things get real. Really. 

I’ve heard everything from the kids (and/or spouse) who flat out refuse to eat what you’re making for dinner, to a spouse who deliberately sabotages your every effort, to being called a crazy fad dieter. Oh and there’s more. Some situations are so hurtful it’s hard to believe or stomach. Success and change can bring out the best and worse in people. Sadly, there are many who can’t handle seeing someone else do well while they suffer. Change is hard, but for some…its down right painful and impossible in their mind. We lie to ourselves all of the time. Here are but a few lies I’ve heard quite frequently in the past few weeks:

1) I can’t do that.

2) I’m not good enough or worth it.

3) I don’t have time for that.

4) I don’t have the money for that.

5) That will never work.

I’ve told myself these lies at one time or another. I recognize them now for what they REALLY are…BIG FAT LIES. 

You can do it if you really want to. You are VERY much worth it. You can find time if you want it bad enough. You will find the money if you put your mind to it and make some changes. It WILL work if you MAKE IT work. But here’s an important nugget for you…

Do it for YOU and no one else. Period.

If your kids refuse to eat…let them. Model healthy living and eat that beautiful clean food you made right in front of them. I do. My kids complain…but when I say tough, starve, guess what? They eat! Half the time they even end up liking it! If they don’t…oh well. Do you really think they’ll starve? Not likely. 

Hubby refuses to eat what you’re making…he’s a big boy, he can make himself something then! OR…if he’s supportive he’ll make some adjustments and work with it. The other day we had burgers on the grill. Hubby and the boys ate fries baked in the oven. I opted to eat a side of greens with lemon juice. No drama here! 

Here’s a pic of my yummy burger in a pita, with a side salad and fresh fruit. I did NOT miss the fries. And no one died…

My point is, don’t sacrifice your health and goals and well being just because someone puts their foot down. If they care about you they will allow you…or better yet, support you, in your endeavors. If they don’t, I would seriously question their level of commitment to your health and happiness. Surround yourself with those who bring you JOY. Life is precious and short…don’t waste it lying down. 

Hugs & Love,

Tanya ❤


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