Finding JOY…

Do you know Joy? Have you seen her lately? Is she missing? Did you know she was missing?

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It may sound silly…but there are plenty of people out there that don’t know joy is missing from their life. They feel a void…they know there is a hole waiting to be filled, but they have no idea what it is. Now, there are plenty of people who are missing far more than just joy (let’s save that for another day)…but goodness, isn’t that enough?! Without joy what are we left with? Joylessness (noun): A feeling of dreary or pessimistic cheerlessness. Geez. Even reading the definition is depressing.

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So what does a person do if they lack joy? Well…find it! Seek it out. You have to watch for it…pay attention…be ready to grab onto it. Joy is sneaky! She’ll slide right past you when you’re not looking. She can disguise herself and make herself very small. Sometimes she’s in a whisper and sometimes she’s in a yell. She can caress your cheek ever so lightly or wrap you up in a bear hug. She’s strange like that. But take it from someone who was missing joy throughout a big chunk of her life…joy is so necessary. We as humans were created to feel joy, give joy, and dance with joy. We were not made to be alone…feel alone…wallow in sadness…or sink into despair. I have lost a few very good friends to despair and hopelessness…it’s heartbreaking. For a person to feel as though their only choice is to leave this life…agonizingly heartbreaking. I’m telling you now…if that’s you…or if it ever is you…please reach out to me. I don’t care if we don’t even know each other…I’ll be right here for you. No one should ever be that alone.

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Ok…so let’s bring a little more positivity into this post! What can you do to find joy? There are so many things! First of all, joy doesn’t have to be a huge thing. It doesn’t have to be some whirlwind trip to the country on your bucket list…or an award that you’ve been working toward. Joy can be found in the smallest and simplest things. I find joy in the smile and laughter of my grandson. I’m telling you, he is the cure for any ailment! Today I found tremendous joy in a beautiful walk around the lake. I purposely took in all of the sights and smells…enjoyed the sun on my face, and the breeze through my hair. I took great joy in the fact that the last time I walked that same trail I was 53 pounds heavier and didn’t enjoy it one bit…but that this time was completely different! I slayed two hills that used to kick my butt and felt like doing a little dance at the top! I was able to enjoy so many things I missed before because I no longer have so many aches and pains. I can breathe during and after walking hills. My point is, find joy wherever you can! Here is a picture I took on top of one of those stupid hills…


Beautiful right?!!!

Here are some suggestions to try:

  • Keep a journal. Start with a goal of writing down at least one joyful thing in your day. Work your way up to more if possible.
  • Heighten your awareness. Pay more attention to the world around you. Take notice of how and why things please or displease you.
  • Treat yourself! And no…not necessarily with food. That used to be my big thing. Now when I treat myself with food or drink it is something like a diet coke (which I no longer buy at the store and only allow myself very sparingly), or some Arctic Zero ice cream. Usually it is a nonfood item, such as a massage…or for example, the new blinged-out running shoes I’m going to buy myself once I hit my next big goal weight. Only 8 pounds to go!!
  • Tell yourself one positive thing daily…out loud. Look in the mirror while you do it. Put kind words on a sticky note and put it on your mirror or computer monitor. Focus on positive things about yourself daily.
  • Listen to some music you love and dance around the house to it when no one is watching. Totally let go! If this is difficult because you have kids and you never seem to be alone…dance with them! They will love it, seriously!

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Now that we have found joy…let’s joyfully talk about two of the things I had for meals today. Particularly dinner…wow…just wow…

First up…lunch. I spooned left-over paleo sloppy joe mixture into a halved green bell pepper “bowl” and heated it up. I surrounded it with a heaping pile of mixed veggies. God I love veggies!


Dinner…oh dinner!!! Joy was present at dinner tonight peeps!! You should have heard the smacking lips and moans and groans. My husband had to keep telling me to stop sneaking forkfuls off the stove. Crispy Slow Cooker Carnitas – a recipe someone shared on Facebook. Good God almighty and the angels above this pulled pork was heavenly! I work from home, so I had to smell it cooking all day. Wow…


Good night everybuddy…

I hope this blog brings you at least a little joy. If it does, I’ve done something right…which brings me a great deal of…

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  1. sudershana says:

    Amazing Tips ! I find joy in reading this post and that food looks so Delicious and yummy !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bellefemme9 says:

      Thank you so much! I’m super happy that you enjoyed it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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