3 Square…

…MEALS, that is!!

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I have so many things that I want to write about and share…but this is the first opportunity I’ve had and it’s bedtime already. How does that happen any way?!!

So, rather than just bust out a bunch of nonsense…I’m going to share the 3 delightful meals I had today. The first one…breakfast…egg and avocado never gets old. You may be tired of seeing it, but I’m NOT tired of eating it! Sorry (not sorry)! But at least this time I changed the carb. This lovely egg is perched on top of a flax, oat bran, whole wheat pita that I lightly fried in some coconut oil. Deeeelish!!!

Tanya iphone purge 8.31.16 391

Okay, so don’t get scared all of you meat lovers out there…

Lunch consisted of chick n’ scallopini, lightly fried in coconut oil, Szechwan steamed asparagus, and a colorful little side of golden and red cherry tomatoes, nestled sweetly in a bed of broccoli sprouts. Yes, nestled. I’m a little tired okay? Gettin’ kind of punchy. Ahem…

Anyway. You read correctly…”chick n'”…as in faux meat. Soy product made to look like chicken. It’s Gardein brand, and its fantastic! Give it a try!

Tanya iphone purge 8.31.16 395

Dinner was a hit! Yay!! We tried a new paleo recipe, and it was well received by everyone…even my 16 and 17 year olds!! And get this…my 16 year old bear of a child, who is a power lifter and football player, said this was very filling! What?!!! A meal that can fill up a teenage boy?!! Miracles do happen people!!

So…what we have here is a sloppy joe sweet potato. Grass-fed beef, onions, tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, seasonings, honey…dumped right on top of a baked sweet potato…all 100% clean eating. I decided it would be fun to cut my potato in half, make half with the sloppy joe mixture, and the other half with a little pat of real butter, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and raw stevia. That way I got some sweet to accompany my salty! Win, win right?!!

Tanya iphone purge 8.31.16 396

Here’s a closer look, because…yum!

Tanya iphone purge 8.31.16 397

I didn’t have a morning snack today, because I was full…but my afternoon snack consisted of a blue raspberry Spark (Advocare) and a double chocolate snack bar, also from Advocare. I feel like I’ve eaten a truckload all day!

It is now time to say good night my friends…well, after I make my overnight oats for morning (I’m having withdrawals)…and do a few odds and ends.

❤ Tanya

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