YOUr Journey…

Life IS a journey…cliché’ maybe…but it’s very true. You learn, you lose…you win, you fail…sometimes you laugh, and sometimes you cry. But one thing is sure…even though we share this planet with millions of people, and we rely heavily on those closest to us (and they rely on us too)…we are all on our own journey. I’m not trying to say we are alone, or that no one else matters…I simply mean…you have your journey and I have mine. I can’t tell you how to walk your journey…I mean, I can try…but ultimately you are the one who must make your own choices. No one can know EXACTLY how it feels to be you or what it’s like to live your journey. No two journeys are the same. We can have similar journeys…but YOUr journey is YOUr journey…

So then the question is…what do you do with your journey? Again, that’s only a question YOU can answer. You can ask others for advice, receive great support and feedback, and even follow others who appear to be rockin’ at life…but YOU have to do YOU. Let’s talk about why I made the word “appear” bold. This is so incredibly important. PLEASE understand that not everything you see on social media…or even face-to-face…is exactly what is going on behind closed doors. The friend you always see smiling and perfectly “dolled up”, the neighbor who has “perfect” kids and cars and grass and on…and on…and on. Drum roll please…they’re not perfect. Now I’m not for one minute saying that your friend isn’t happy and doesn’t smile a lot…and I’m also not saying that your neighbor isn’t doing well. I’m saying we all have our struggles, our faults, our ups and downs, good days and bad days…we just don’t share them with everyone and their brother! Not to say people are lying or being facetious…some are, but MOST are not…it’s just not in our nature to share all of our baggage and mistakes and air our dirty laundry out for all to see. On one hand that’s a positive…because there is plenty of negativity out there already…but on the other hand it gives people this false sense of there being something wrong with them and everyone else having it “ALL TOGETHER”. Bull…. Things are not always what they seem…

Image result for things aren't always what they seem

Don’t be fooled, and don’t get caught up in everyone else’s journey. LIVE your own! Take great advice, accept help and support, follow great leaders…but do so with YOU in mind. You can’t shove a square peg into a round hole, and you can’t make a lemon be an orange. It just isn’t going to happen. The best part about that is, it’s ok!! YOU are YOU for a reason. God made you exactly right…He didn’t screw up. Embrace your beauty…inside and out…you are perfectly designed. Celebrate your successes and learn from your failures. That’s life…and it’s GOOD!!!

So when life deals you challenges…such as being stuck with Taco Bell as the only option for dinner, like me last night…don’t panic. Take a deep breath and weight your options. I could have not eaten and felt like crap during my son’s game (and probably have caved and ate bad concession stand food). I could have demanded that my husband find something else somewhere and made us late for the game. I could have caved and reverted back to my old habits and ordered stuff that was terrible for me. Instead, I knew how many calories I had left for the day…looked at the options and weighed the nutritional info (thank you TB for listing all of that on your menu…you are very kind and considerate)…and chose the most filling and healthy option I could find fast. I chose the power protein bowl with grilled chicken. Not too bad…

Image result for taco bell power bowl with chicken

But beware…even the best intentions can have consequences. WAY too much sodium! My fingers swelled up a bit. Now I’m trying to flush my system out with water LOL. My body is just not used to eating fast food any more (that’s a good thing)!! The other thing to consider is portion. Just because their nutrition info states it has a certain amount…if Joe behind the counter loads your bowl with way more than the standard they are supposed to give you…you will be over that amount. Not an exact science for sure. That’s why I love eating at home at least 80% of the time now…I control portion and ingredients.

To get back on track, here is what I ate for brunch today…


YUM!! An egg baked in a red bell pepper and seasoned with nutritional yeast, pepper, and smoked paprika…and a piece of whole grain toast with blackberry cream (fresh blackberries mashed into a tablespoon of Greek yogurt cream cheese)…and of course my coffee!!

Enjoy YOUr journey!




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