Goin’ Green…

I’m super glad that I love veggies. It sure makes eating healthy easier and more fun. I know many people that hate them, and they struggle to squeeze them in like they should (ahem…mom). There are a lot of creative ways to get those earthly little guys in though…you’ve seen recipes for zucchini bread, making noodles out of veggies, black bean brownies…the list goes on. A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Check out this awesome veggie wrap I made for lunch yesterday. Super easy, tasty, and so healthy! Avocado, red bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, broccoli sprouts, and almond nut “cheese” all tucked into a low carb protein wrap. A side of super sweet yellow cherry tomatoes were an added treat 😉

I could have added some fresh spinach to my wrap…if I wouldn’t have juiced the whole bag for my freakishly delicious mean-green snack shake! I’ve had this baby two days in a row because it’s deeeeeeeLICIOUS!!! Holy mother of green goodness! Half of a huge bag of baby spinach freshly juiced, 1 packet of Advocare’s Advogreen Chocolate Snack shake (contains prebiotics and probiotics, phytonutrients, and all kinds of healthy goodness), matcha green tea powder (packed full of healthy antioxidants), and ice. Oh my word!!! I’m in LOVE!!! 

Just look around on the Internet and you will find tons of healthy, creative, simple, and affordable options to get those veggies in!! I will happily share what I find as well. I’m going to be juicing more often and coming up with ways to make it faster and more affordable. I also juiced some carrots…that’s on tomorrow’s menu!! Any questions? Ask away! Any suggestions or comments? I’m happy to receive them!! 

Tomorrow’s Friday peeps! Stay green! 

❤️ Tanya


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