Yo-Yo NO! 👎🏻

Diet…fad diet…quick and easy…fast weight loss…just take this magic such and such…all you have to do is stand on your head, drink this elixir, and count to 12 while…NO! 

I can tell you right now…none of these are the answer. A serious decision and a commitment to yourself to change your lifestyle…and acknowledging that your changed healthy lifestyle is a LIFE LONG endeavor…that’s the answer. It’s the only way you will become the best you…the you that you long to be. Healthy, content, filled with joy, energy, passion, and love. It’s right there…all you have to do is take it. Commit to it, learn it, embrace it, LIVE it. If you are like me, you have tried nine million different diets, programs, pills, shakes, etc., etc, etc. You have probably lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, gained even more weight…gradually and consistently increasing year after year. Or…maybe you have gone up and down, and right now you aren’t at your heaviest, but your stuck at a plateau. You still need to lose more but you just can’t quite get over the hump. Perhaps you don’t need to lose weight, but you have little to no energy and feel like “crap” more days than not. Whatever your situation, you aren’t content where you’re at, and you need a change. 

Yo-Yo dieting and rapid weight loss are seriously so bad for your body. It takes a big toll on you physically, mentally, and spiritually. It sucks the life right out of you. I’ll show you some pictures of me throughout the years…ups and downs…but never content and headed towards a healthy lifestyle, until now.

The early years…

As you can see I was never heavy…until I started having children. Elementary school, junior high, high school, and then several months pregnant with my first child. Even when I was thin, I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I had the opposite problem…I didn’t eat. Junior high and high school I told my parents I was eating with friends, and I told my friends I already ate at home. I was scared to death of getting fat. If I only knew then…
During my first pregnancy I gained 80 pounds! 80!!! I was in shock. I had no idea how I got there. Seriously. Of course the answer was to “diet” because that’s all I knew. This led to very unhealthy choices and the roller coaster of weights and sizes. I lost…first two pics above…and gained…last two pics above. I just couldn’t get a handle on it. How in the world was I going to MAINTAIN my weight loss?!! 
Year after year I gained more and more. Until like I showed you before…I was at my very heaviest December of 2015 (below in black and white dress). I was in a really bad place. Depression and anxiety at an all-time high. My self-esteem at an all-time low. Medical issues. Tons of meds and side effects. No energy. Not a lot of joy…and certainly not content. I knew I needed to take a serious look at myself and make a change. So…I did. And today…52.5 pounds later…I’m the most content I’ve ever been. Ever. I still want to lose about 70+ pounds, but I KNOW it will happen. I KNOW I can do it…and I KNOW it will stay off. It’s a lot about attitude yes…but it’s even more about FLIPPING THE SWITCH. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and decide to do it. No one can do it for you. It’s yours. And when you own it and take it, YOU get all of the rewards. Don’t do it because someone tells you to…or because you know you need to. Do it because you deserve it, and you’re worth it. You ARE. 
Own it. Take it. LIVE it. Enjoy it. Because life is meant to be enjoyed. Now I am enjoying every minute! ❤️

December 2015                                                                               August 2016

***PLEASE let me know how I can help YOU reach your best YOU!



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