Hey there! Sorry, things have been so busy that I’ve neglected you all for a couple of days 😖

Hope everyone is doing well. I know I feel like a spastic chicken racing around in the farmyard with school starting, kids’ sports, work, work, work…lol…you know what I mean. It’s always such a challenge to eat healthy when you are pressed for time and stressed out. This is where I can’t stress meal planning and keeping things simple enough. The more you prepare for your week…the more you take into consideration what you have going on each day and plan accordingly…the better off you will be. Being unprepared often leads to sticking your hand in the cookie jar…literally. 

So speaking of easy…rather than just throwing a yogurt down my throat every morning like I used to…I figure eating good…and I mean yum-good…will help me feel satisfied vs deprived. A simple 2 egg omelet (cage free/free range eggs), leftover steamed asparagus, a tiny bit of feta, pepper, paprika, and nutritional yeast with a side of Dave’s Killer bread toasted. YUMMMMMMMM…

This was so quick and easy! Salmon w/ a tangy mustard marjoram BBQ drizzle on a bed of steamed cauliflower rice…the rest of my steamed asparagus so it didn’t go to waste…tomatoes, so they aren’t going to waste…and sliced banana sprinkled w/ chia seeds. Absolutely divine!
I know sometimes these meals look elaborate and time consuming, but they really aren’t. I am NOT a cook! I actually do not even enjoy cooking for the most part. I enjoy coming up with different things, making them pretty and yummy, and eating them…but cooking up a bunch of stuff that takes time and patience…nope!

Keep it simple! 😉


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