Wrap IT up!

This here wrap was purty darn tasty! I took a big ol’ bite so you could see the insides better…you’re welcome! 😁

Hickory smoked tuna, avocado (no mayo!), cucumbers, fresh spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, and some celery leaves all nestled in a low carb-high protein wrap…with a side of petite baby carrots. Mmmmmm good!

I had to go to the dentist this afternoon to get my teeth cleaned, and when I got home I just plain wasn’t hungry. Nothing sounded good…except this…so don’t make fun 😂

It filled me up and it was delish…so whatever works right?! Anyway…the hickory smoked tuna and avocado was left over from lunch, and yes I did have more rice chips than what I have pictured here. I actually had twenty of them! Of course I had to throw in the Advogreens since I didn’t have enough veggies today. Thank God for good supplements!
The rest of this week is a little hectic, but I intend to find some exciting things to share soon. It’s time for me to shake things up a bit I think! Oh wait…I should say change things up, because I’ve been doing plenty of shakes!! 😂😂😂

I also plan to do a blog very soon about not eating enough, unhealthy eating habits (disorders, etc), and yo-yo dieting and weight loss. I’m going to gather some pics to share that really show the yo-yo effect, and how very bad it is for you. Until then…be GOOD to YOUrself!! ❤️


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