Life is Full of Extremes…

Sometimes we are feelin’ it…sometimes not. Yesterday’s lunch I was feelin’ it…

Thai Style Tuna on a bed of cauliflower “rice” and Icelandic Skyrr with fresh puréed strawberries and ground flax. Had to throw in an Advocare Advogreen’s shake since I was lacking greens in this dish (and because it’s delish and it sounded like a good excuse)!
And then there was today’s lunch…I was being lazy…wasn’t really hungry…and wasn’t feelin’ it…

Advocare Peanut Butter Chocolate shake, because yum…in a beer glass, because why not? 😂 
Before I officially turn in for the night…I’ll share one last fave…

If you have never had this before…go buy it! Put it on an apple…smear it on toast…squeeze some into your oats…put it on…your arm…anything…and Lick…Every. Single. Bit…out of the package…
Your welcome 😋


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