Be a Great Friend…to YOUrself…

Tonight I’m not sharing a food pic…and I have two reasons. 1) I am “cleansing” and getting back on track after the food I ate this weekend…I had my usual overnight oats, an “Orange Julius” (Advocare mandarin orange spark and vanilla meal replacement shake), Advogreens snack shake, and healthy tacos (date night😉), and 2) this is a good opportunity to talk about emotional eating…shame and guilt after eating “poorly”…healthy vs. unhealthy weight loss…the scale (oh boy!)…and being KIND, supportive, and forgiving towards yourself! I’ll try very hard to condense and not be long-winded.

An important difference in me now vs. me then (pre-lifestyle change when the “switch” was still broken) is AWARENESS and OWNERSHIP. After this weekend, the old me would have felt anger, shame, and guilt at what all I had eaten. The old me would have become defensive and made excuses…she would have given herself a “pity ticket” for the nearest “waaaahhh-fest” and partied all night with friends (yummy, edible, cheesy, fried food friends). No ma’am…no sir! This girl is not about that any more. The first thing I did was examine…what happened. I took ownership…ran down the list of everything I ate…what was happening at the time, and how I was feeling. One of the biggest culprits? EMOTIONS and EMOTION-less…let me explain. I’ve been an emotional eater for a very long time. Celebrating…eat cake! Feeling sad…have ice cream! Stressed out…fatty cheesy comfort food time! Woo hoo! Family get-togethers are loaded with feelings and emotions (albeit good, bad, or indifferent). Fatigue is another big one…your will-power is at an all-time low when you’re tired. A full crazy week and then a full day of traveling will do that! When I say emotion-less, I mean when you flip your switch off and cruise in auto-pilot. Have you ever done that? Ate mindlessly? I hate that! It’s like you’re emotional, stressed and tired, so your body just shuts down like a coping mechanism. Shovel. Food. To. Mouth. Repeat…

Then you have to deal with the aftermath…ugh. I ate how much? I ate what? I gained how much in three days?!!! 😱 So, like I said…the old me would have felt guilty and thrown a pity party…and I most likely would have fallen off of yet another diet wagon. Right on my FATTER fanny. Oof. Not now! We don’t do that now do we?!! (The correct answer is no) Instead…let’s look at what happened, take ownership, find out what went wrong, and figure out how to prevent it from happening again. AND…wait for it…FORGIVE yourself! Now…I’m not saying give yourself a free pass. That’s like saying, “It’s okay that you drank after several months of sobriety Bill…better luck this next 7 months!” Uh, no. I am disappointed in myself, as well I should be. BUT, I still care about myself and forgive myself enough to move forward. I’m worth brushing the dirt off and getting back on the horse (you know what I mean). So are YOU!!! You made a mistake, we all do…you’re going to make more, and so am I. We are not perfect, but we will learn and strive to make less mistakes and avoid making the same ones over and over. Cuz’ were gooooooood! 👍🏻😉

TIP: whenever you are beating yourself up about something, think long and hard…would I treat my best friend this way? Whomever you adore and care about…would you beat them up the way you are beating yourself up? If the answer is no…then STOP. Imagine how you would react to them and what you would say to them. Now, hug yourself and reciprocate all that niceness on YOUrself!!

So this really is getting long, and healthy vs. unhealthy weight loss…and the dreaded SCALE…are very important topics not to be rushed through. I think I’ll post those two topics in the next one. Why? Because you’re WORTH it!! ❤️

YOU dear friend are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. YOU are unique. Thank God (literally), there is no one in this world like you! That’s a very good thing! From the hairs on your head to the tips of your toes, YOU have been specially designed by a Creator far more amazing than we could ever fathom. Now doesn’t that just make these food troubles seem silly and small?!!!

Next up…weight loss and the scale…


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