Tasty Travels…

Trying to stay on track while traveling is not easy…at all. My family and I went to Chicago to visit family this weekend. I had some triumphs…and some tribulations…and some down-right meltdowns. Ugh. But, I’m going to keep it real, because it’s important for you to know that you’re definitely NOT alone. When you see people on social media you are never getting the full picture. You are never getting ALL of the dirt, the tragedy, the embarrassments, and the shame. Who in the world wants to share all of that?! So you end up seeing picture perfect, edited, airbrushed versions…of “not so real” lives. That’s great and all, but that only serves to make you feel like an imperfect failure that can’t get it right “like that person” can. Bull.

Anyway…great planning and good intentions are a marvelous start. Follow through is the key though. I started by packing plenty of meal replacements, healthy snacks, and supplements. I did research on healthy, clean eating places where we would be staying. What I didn’t think about were the temptations that would literally be surrounding me ALL NIGHT LONG at our BBQ family shindig thing, and that majority of my out of town family we were visiting are not eating clean. Oops.

I did well and chose a grilled chicken salad at Portillo’s, which was an amazing feat in itself. I did have a few fries, but managed to walk out feeling pretty good about my choices. Went to hang out and visit…and Portillo’s famous chocolate cake was purchased. Sigh. I caved and had a thinnish slice of it. Next day I did ok for breakfast at the hotel…and marvelous at lunch! I had already scoped out a healthy clean place to eat, and it was awesome! Green Healthy Cafe it was called. Had an amazing grilled chicken Cobb salad and green smoothie there. Felt super good and satisfied. Then it all went very wrong after that. Got to the BBQ later and forgot my Advocare green snack shake…so munched on chips. It was the only thing out and was on the table right in front of me. Everyone around me was choking down on them. I was super hungry and food wasn’t ready on time. So I ate side dishes. Albeit, I did eat a lot of veggies from the veggie tray…but that was not the end! Pasta salad, beans, potato salad, spinach artichoke dip, cheesecake…you name it. I was so miserable. It was a good reminder that I no longer eat that way, and there’s a reason! I don’t want to eat like that and feel like that! YUCK!! 

I’m very happy to be back in my “safe” zone…but the trip was an excellent reminder that set backs and incidents are going to happen. I could wallow in my shame, throw a pity party for myself, and give myself permission to continue in a downward spiral…NOPE! That is where things are so different this time. This is not a diet…this is a life long journey. This is a lifestyle change that is here to stay. There will be ups and downs, gains and losses, but I will move forward. 

I choose to take all of you with me…because life is beautiful and best shared with people of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life! Life is tasty!!


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