Sup’? As in, supplements…

I’ve had multiple people message and/or text me with questions about what supplements I take aside from all this tasty food. So…here are the first three supplements I really love:

The Thermoplus is awesome…it really curbs your appetite well. It also ramps up your metabolism without making you feel weird or…well, ramped up. The Omegaplex is a fish oil omega-3 supplement that even Dr. Oz has listed as cream of the crop. The Catalyst is cool stuff…it helps maintain muscle and build strength during weight loss. I’m eating healthy and taking care of myself, but I want to make sure I fill all of the nutritional gaps. We all have some gaps in our diet…and supplements can be a nice way to SUPPLEMENT and fill some of those voids. They are NEVER a replacement for eating healthy foods…unless you have a disease, disorder, or deficiency that prohibits you from eating certain things. Then you should be seeing someone who specializes in helping you determine what you need to take for YOUR optimal health!

Anyway…I finished my 24 Day Challenge, so my MNS is gone. I plan to get some more of that or just Coreplex (vitamins/minerals) to supplement my daily needs. I also just started the Ultra Probiotics for digestive help…to assist me with absorption of the valuable nutrients I work so hard to consume. Here is another supplement I really dig…which is new:

Look at that color! Tastes so good and fresh too…like I just juiced it myself!! I’ll share more good supplements after I determine what my regimen is going to consistently look like.

This morning I was in a funk and didn’t feel like making anything…so I just ate a yummy chocolate peanut butter meal bar and coffee…but yesterday’s breakfast looked like this:

Overnight oats of course…blueberry cream with chunks of banana. YUM!
Since I had a meal replacement for breakfast today, I made sure to follow it with a well balanced lunch:

Feta scrambled eggs, avocado toast, grilled asparagus, and cherry tomatoes! So good! I had to use up a few leftovers, as we are headed out of town for the week end! 
I intend to keep blogging and share some good foods on the road. It’s challenging to eat healthy on vacay, so hopefully I can give you some good tips! Be good to yourselves ❤️


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