Flashback Lunch!

Oh mylanta did I have the easiest and yummiest lunch today! Wow! 

I was super busy at work today, and I also had to leave early for an appointment, so plating and being fancy just wasn’t going to happen. I decided to just have a shake and call it good…which is fine, because they’re yummy. But…as I was grabbing for a vanilla shake…the box of Advocare that just came today caught my eye. Mandarin orange Spark. Vanilla shake. Mandarin orange, meet vanilla. Vanilla, meet mandarin orange…

Yesssssss…the days of walking in the mall with my friends, sucking down a big ol’ tasty Orange Julius popped into my head. And no, it’s not like I created this magical combination…I know others have tried it…but I hadn’t. And it was good…VERY good 😉

So my point is this…well, I don’t really have one…it was just good ok?! And I’ll do it again, you can’t stop me! I guess I can say that sometimes eating healthy can still taste good. That things we used to eat or drink as a kid, that would pack on the pounds now, don’t have to. There.


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