Importance of Plating…

Plating? Yeah. That’s what I’m gonna call it. Plating – the act of putting your yummy food on a plate and making it look purty, whilst being considerate of portion control (my definition, not Webster’s) 😂

My boys have been asking me, “Mom, why are you posing your food?”…”Why are you taking pictures of your food?” LOL Inquiring minds want to know! Well, I’m taking pictures for you naturally…but as for “posing” my food, or making it “purty”…there’s really another reason for that. I have always looked at food as the enemy. When I was younger I didn’t want to eat it in front of boys…and I didn’t want much of it for fear of becoming fat. Once I got pregnant with my first child…my beautiful daughter…I was told I was “eating for two”, and I got sick if I didn’t eat…constantly. I developed a new relationship with food. Friend. Comforter. I discovered it was yummy!! 😳 Needless to say, I gained a lot of weight before I even knew it happened. The next thing I new I was looking at someone else’s giant fat (beep) in the mirror. Not cool. BUT…after many years of yo-yo dieting (I think I’ve mentioned how much I hate that word), I have learned that food is NOT the enemy, nor is it my friend. Quite simply, it is nourishment for my body (which is a gift from God), and should be handled with respect and care. But guess what? So should you!! You are special and important…and you are blessed to have a body. You are blessed to be breathing air into your lungs, blessed to have eyes to read this post and/or ears to hear someone read it to you. So take care of it! Other than spiritually nurturing your body and soul, there is nothing more important (regarding your body) than fueling it with the best nourishment there is! Clean-eating, whole foods, paleo…so many terms out there and different ways to eat. We’re going to cover that soon. 

Back to PLATING…have fun with your food, make it look appetizing and enticing, enjoy it! The more you enjoy it as a necessity for a healthy body when your hungry, and less as a friend or foe, the more successful your new journey will be. A good tip I’ve learned is to plate your veggies first. Your veggies should take up half your plate…your carbs 1/4 and your protein a 1/4. I like to use a smaller plate too. Tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more. I also try to eat most of my carb loaded foods (like my brown rice here) during the day when I’m more active. Eat slowly and enjoy not only the flavor…but the colors, textures, smells, and temperature. Savor it…heck, go ahead and date it, I won’t tell 😝

Im being honest when I say I really enjoy plating my food and taking pics for you. I want to see YOU enjoy your food too! Give it a try…I would LOVE to hear how it goes…better yet, post some pics of your food! Ready…set…start plating!!


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