Quick & Dirty..er..Clean…LUNCH!

This is what happens when you are super busy…the infamous fruit and veggies plate. Don’t be afraid of this…not every meal has to be stellar or complicated! I guess I don’t have to describe or explain this to you, other than the little “piles” of goodness just waiting to be dipped into. I chose edamame roasted red pepper hummus for my veggies and almond butter for my fruit. Both are packed full of great nutrients, protein, healthy fats, etc. You’re eyes might bug out when you see how many calories and grams of fat the almond butter contains. This is ok…as it is healthy fat and good quality calories for your body. The key is moderation. Don’t you get sick of hearing that?

Speaking of moderation…I cannot stress enough the importance of calorie counting and measuring your food! Sound complicated? Tedious? A little…but you get used to it, and you start to learn how to eyeball what is too much. For example…can you eyeball a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese? Maybe. Chances are you will over indulge. I know I do! This is all about learning…not judging…not feeling guilty…learning. I use myfitnesspal because it syncs with my garmin step counter…but livestrong’s myplate (and many others) are just as good. Don’t have a smart phone? No worries! Simply write it down and add it up. Make yourself a cute journal or just a plain old notebook…whatever works for you. I promise you will be surprised at how many calories you are actually consuming in a meal…in a day…!!

I’m headed off now to hit the treadmill…took my supplements…and ready to SWEAT!! More about supplements later! I also have great food tips coming…and other words of encouragement. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, make comments, or request topics/advice/tips! It’s why we’re here!

By the way, I’m GLAD you’re here! Did I mention that before?!!


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